String together our
cloud solution to your
car rental services
to boost your customer mobility experience and fleet management.

Cutting-edge technology made for the car rental industry. 
enhances your consumers’ service and simplifies their workflow.
 An opportunity to engage a variety of business models


Car Rental

Now that COVID-19 is part of our daily lives, the car rental industry requires a flexible solution to overcome the pandemic. Customers are looking for a seamless process and the answer is a Maverick rental. Use technology to optimize fleet utilization and maximize monetization.


Since the recent pandemic, many companies need to provide additional transportation solutions to their employees and facility users, to support social distancing.


Private or business fleets can link vehicles to specific community members for internal usage, increasing vehicle utilization while dramatically reducing vehicle ownership costs.


Enable the use of demonstration fleet cars to support self-test drive and promote a specific model or marketing activity around the fleet or brand.

Replacement vehicles in the service center have never been easier to manage!

Taxi Owners

Taxi fleet owners who would like to rent or lease their vehicles to drivers require a scheduling management system, that combines drivers personal working hours with maximized fleet utilization and profitability.




The Maverick system is a full, unified rental process solution that enables you to move forward to keyless, contactless, and station-less technology. With the Maverick system, you can maximize utilization with a variety of tools to fit existing business models and create additional ones, and you can combine them with white-label apps to leverage the brand of your own choice.



We know that each business has different requirements, so you can choose any of our extensions to fit your specific use case. We have plenty of modules to fit any necessity.


Hybrid Unification

Designed for the car rental industry, the hybrid system enables the company to work simultaneously on the legacy system and the Maverick rental service. With the Hybrid system, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase your market share, and approach a new customer base at
no risk to your ongoing rental business!





We have been active since 2010 as business partners with international car rental fleet companies such as Hertz-Thrifty-Dollar, Avis-Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, and their local subsidiaries. 

The recent pandemic and the technological revolution are disrupting the car rental fleet industry‘s solid ground, and it is under huge pressure to reinvent itself and find unique business models to stay relevant.

We tackle one of the most challenging problems in the rental fleet industry 
the lack of real-time linkage between the
Customer, the Operation, and the Vehicle.


As the need to move to Maverick rental as the leading business model becomes critical, we create winning strategies for the rental fleet industry. The Maverick service is an orchestrated solution impacting the way fleets can utilize their resources, maximize their revenue, and improve customer relationships. 

All in one integrated platform.

Our tailor-made platform can fit any use case and match your overall business requirement.