Community Fleet

For private and business fleet rental‭, ‬the dedicated vehicle combines with specific community members for internal usage to increase vehicle utilization
while reducing vehicle cost of ownership 

Real Estate

Minimize parking slots and reduce the cost of ownership of the vehicle in the city!
High rise buildings or offices with a central parking lot that want to offer their tenants additional transportation solutions – we have the solution for you! With our systems, only the authorized subscribe occupant is allowed to use the fleet.

Residence Area

Any Geo-area with a defined community can set up a fleet of their own and offer a full self-car rental service option based on each individual’s vehicle usage, a subscription option where you can define different prices for diverse communities within the same fleet of vehicles, or a  floating fleet model in any given area. Choose one of these solutions or combine them – whatever works best for you!


Employees who work in the same building or area but not in the same company and want to share their ride and split the vehicle cost of ownership can create their own community fleet!
We offer a module that supports splitting the cost base of mileage and time of trips to shared rides and personal usage.

Friends & Families

Your teenager got their driving license and needs a car to drive? Those additional insurance costs can be heavy on the family budget… Do you live nearby your friends or family with another new young driver? Want to lower the cost of ownership of a vehicle?

Now you can share a single vehicle and significantly reduce the cost of the additional car for each family and the insurance liability for the young drivers as well!