Corporate ​Fleet

Businesses and institutions with large campuses such as universities, train stations, industrial zones, hospitals, and office areas need to provide additional transportation solutions to their users - students, passengers, employees who do not own a car and must use public transportation, and more. These corporations can create their own solution for the public or for their own specific user base with our Maverick rental service platforms


Companies looking for a transportation solution for employees in different locations with a variety of requirements, talk to us! We have a flexible and agile solution that addresses these issues.


Universities, train stations, industrial zones, hospitals, office buildings with spread-out parking lots around a large central area, need to find additional transportation solutions for their employees or passengers  We can set-up a tailormade solution for each and every customer.


With our system, any employer can easily import full reports based on the usage of the vehicle:  mileage and time combined with the sum of charge that needs to handled by HR. Our payment modules enable charging employees via their paychecks and not by credit cards!

Also - do you need to create different fleets for users from different departments within the same organization? We can do that as well!

Small-Medium Businesses

Benefit from the full advantage of a system that is flexible to handle any number of vehicles you manage! Build your own fleet with us, you can start with as little as one single vehicle and one user, and expand as you grow.
With diagnostic features, reduced service risks, and cost cuts you can easily penetrate new markets!