Dealerships Fleet

Enable the use of demonstration fleet cars to support
Self-test drive and promote a specific model or marketing activity around your fleet or brand.
You can even use the option for a replacement car in your service center!

It's never been easier to manage your fleet when all rides are recorded online.

Rental or


Looking for a solution for your customers who are city residents?

Sometimes a short-term solution is better than a lifetime sale. Create your own leasing or rental fleet based on customer needs to minimized vehicle cost of ownership!
It’s a win-win solution


Do you need to introduce
a new model?

Now you can share your new model fleet in different Geo-location areas without the need to handle keys for remote potential customers! 

With our keyless option, the registration process can be handled by the central HQ, and there is no time or location limitation.

Self-test drive

Our keyless option is a great test-drive solution for distant customers!
Gain new customers in remote locations, not only from your showrooms!


Replacement of a car for your customers who use your service center has never been easier to manage! Each ride is recorded with mileage and fuel usage.