Hardware solutions

The hardware we use provides access coverage for almost 95% of the OEMs and years and fits most car models.
A fully secured and encrypted keyless solution with remote control over the fleet supports an end-to-end software solution for multi-business models in a variety of markets in the car rental industry.
Our hardware can be used with both push-to-start and bladed key access systems, combine with an NFC reader.

Electric cars? Bring them on! We are well prepared for the next generation of electric cars. We are constantly adding new manufacturers and models to our long list of possibilities.

Keyless + Diagnostic
now integrated  

Online reports from the vehicle: location, mileage, battery voltage, and fuel level along with the keyless option open up several options that previously been unavailable to most of the car rental industry.
And to top it all, we now provide diagnostic data from the vehicle in the same innovative platform – so you benefit from both worlds in one integrated system!

Computer Programming

Security & Reliability

A fully encrypted and secure keyless option, supported by an NFC reader option, ensures a seamless car rental process for the end-user.
Our app supports rental even in locations without WI-FI or cellular reception such as underground parking, and our remote back-office supports the end-user even when the phone battery is off!

Metadata Management

We understand that managing online data is critical for keyless car rental operations, which is why we’ve built and designed a full structure and secured server system.
The server system enables you to manage an overload of peaks and most importantly - to grow and expand your business as the demand for your service increases.

Network Hub and Cable

Challenge us

Our flexible system has the ability
to connect new hardware.
We invite you to challenge
us with a new hardware
and join our platforms!