Taxi Fleet Owner

Our scheduling management system combines your drivers’ personal working hour needs with maximized fleet utilization and profitability, and is equipped  with an alerting system that notifies the fleet owner of any vehicle misuse

Taxi Fleet Owner Modules

Match drivers' schedule preferences with the availability of the fleet to maximize utilization of the taxi fleet and driver satisfaction.
Each driver is charged based on mileage and the vehicle’s actual usage time.

Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies can lease or rent vehicles to UBER, LYFT, GETT, or any other taxi operator, using the TAXI module.
Drivers can be charged either by the operator or by the car rental company based on mileage and each driver’s actual usage time, even if they drove several vehicles during a defined time-frame.

Who pays for the fuel, services, or insurance?

Move forward to the next stage of performance and maximize your fleet utilization and profit! We offer advanced pricing modules that enable modification of
Geo-parking and internal charges for the taxi including fueling,  service and insurance, as well as  diagnostic capabilities that can alert fleet owners of any misuse of any vehicle their fleet.

Shorter or longer commitment? 

Reduce fleet ownership costs  Taxi operators can lease or rent a fleet based on seasonal needs and drivers' availability, so they can reduce their fleets and maximize profitability, Moving toward a shorter or longer leasing period base on demand.